Need help new build on LGA 2011 unstable

Hi guys recently i built a new computer specs:

CPU: Hex core i7- 3820
Ram: 24gb 2133 patriot viper -xtreme
Motherboard: asus P9x79
SSD: Intel 520 60gb
Grahpic Card: nvidia gts 520 (Old graphic card)
Heatsinker: Thermaltake FRIO OCK
Case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I
Power Supply: Antec Truepower 650

OS: Window 7 64 bit

- Unstable (computer hangs during use)

What i did to test:
- ran at ram diagnostic
-ran a CPU test (Hyper-pi)

What i am about to do:
-reinstall windows
-issue with SSD, Swap with spare HDD with windows and test if stable

Any suggestion would be welcomed. Also didn't touch any BIOS yet and not even overclocked. Default settings everything except paging file for SSD.

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  1. Hangs when you are doing what exactly? Does it blue screen eventually, or reboot on its own? What drivers have you installed?
  2. thanks for responding. Hangs as in computer freezes doesn't even move unable to start task manager and also move mouse. No blue screen at all but eventually pc turns off. drivers which are installed are factory (CD which came with it). Tried updating the driver as well but no use. also tried doing the window updates. no good.

    I'm not even doing anything. So no gaming just normal browsing the internet.
  3. Found the issue. The issue was the factory OC was configuring my CPU and RAM to not a suitable frequency.
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