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I'm currently running the Phenom II x4 965 alongside the GeForce GTX 460. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU soon to something a bit newer and better, but I'm concerned about whether or not my CPU will be able to cope with higher demands from a new graphics card. I've got a PSU of 650W- I believe it's a Corsair one but I can't remember how to check- so I think my power supply should cope fine with a new card, it's just my processor that I'm worried might be issue.

I should note that I'm not as in-the-know about these things as I was a year or two ago, so simple English please. :D
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  1. You can use a better card and gaming on a single monitor at 1080p should be fine you may want to OC the CPU though
  2. My monitor itself isn't that large so I won't be playing at those resolutions. So I'll be fine with a card such as the GTX 560?
  3. I wouldn't go from a 460 to a 560 personally, thats a sidegrade, 560ti would be a slight upgrade but again I don't think one worth the cost. I wouldn't update that 460 for anything less than a 570

    *edit* Also if your resolution is under 1920X1080 the 460 is way more than enough
  4. Oh ok then, looks like I can leave it a while before thinking of upgrading then. Thanks. :)
  5. I tried to put 'solved' in the topic name but for some reason it won't let me. Just posting this to show no further replies are needed.
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