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Amount of best answers not showing

Hello guys

I'd like to check out how many Best Answers I've got. When I go to Status & Badges it shows nothing. Also, my Freshman badge sometimes appears and sometimes not - nothing to worry though.

Any ideas on what's going on?

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    This happens a lot - I show up as having five but I reckon it's closer to twenty five. I've had e-mails about two more this morning yet still no change to the Status and Badges page in my Profile. We read that the development team is working on this one but it must be more of a problem that originally though because it's taking some time to fix.

  2. More on this issue - I've just had the third e-mail from Tom's telling me about a BA awarded last week. Hopefully, that may tell Joe and the Dev Team something that helps them find the fault.

  3. Thanks saga.

    It still does not show anything though, and my Freshman badge now is gone forever.
  4. .... Badges? .....

  5. Ubrales said:
    .... Badges? .....


    Sorry, I meant badgeRs.

  6. Check now its working : ) Old badgeR ^ will be happy.
  7. Oh yeah, now it's back into working! Thanks guys
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