Got thermal compound on the "top" pins of an i7 3770k

When I was building my computer, I accidentally got some thermal paste on the gold dot on the top of my I7 3770k. No paste got on the bottom contact pins of the cpu or the socket pins, just the side where the IHS of the cpu is. Do I have to clean the paste out? The thermal paste I used is the paste included with the Shuttle XPC barebones system.
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  1. If you are not having a problem, I would not bother.

    But, if you applied so much paste that it overflowed, you should probably reseat your cooler with less paste.
    The purpose of paste is to fill in microscopic pits in the mating surfaces. Too much paste will act as an insulator. It is hard to use too little.
  2. I would have used the Intel thermal paste that came on the heatsink, I'm sure it's a lot better than Shuttle's.
  3. Quote:
    geo - how's the Ivy bro.?

    I was an early adopter, and bought a 2600K.
    In time, I found that I did not use the hyperthreads, and disabled them. The value of the extra cache is still unknown.
    Had I known early, what I know now, I would have bought a 2500K.
    I sold the 2600K for close to what it cost me to buy the 3570K.

    The 3570K has an easy OC to 4.3 with no problems with voltage or heat. I just raised the multiplier, and let the voltage stay on auto.
    In fact, 3570K idle temps are actually lower.
    I need no more, so I have no incentive to go past 4.3

    If one has a 2500K, there is no value in changing to a 3570K. For a new build, I would go 3570K on general principles.
    Slightly better performance for slightly higher price.
  4. Glad that IB has some good things going for it, if it ended up in my hands and turned out to be not such a great or even average sample chances would be that I would already have pulled the ihs lol. Did that to a old e7200 that disappointed me.
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    oh 'nforce' you will never change...

    Some things are better left as they are ;)
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering what those gold dots on the same side as the metal are for. Because if they are for electrical purposes, then I will clean it out unless the paste is not electrical conductive (although most pastes are). So do you guys know if the Shuttle paste is electrically conductive? I don't think so but I need to make sure before I fry my processor.
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    post a pic of your situation..

    There's just some paste on the top gold dots. I wiped some off the grease on the dots but you can still see it smeared on.
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    alcohol solution (90%) on cloth, be gentle.

    ok, I guess I'm gonna have to take out my cpu and redo the paste. I'll use Arctic Silver clean solution though.
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    are you already using the unit.?

    No, if I was using the machine, I would not be asking this question. I haven't turned it on yet but i have already put the heatsink on so i have to take it out, clean out the paste and apply new paste, and clean out the gold dots.
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    I would then yes, clean it.

    is 70% alcohol ok or can i use the aortic silver 1 on the gold dots?
  11. Alcohol is fine. Use a paper coffee filter which will not leave any lint threads.
  12. Quote:
    OK to the AS1.
    alcohol even though never used 70% should do fine as well.

    ok I'll use AS1. I don't think I have to use AS2 though since i I'm not going to put paste on it
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