Will this be my DREAM computer?

Ahhhh. A computer that I wont have to update until 2013 or even 2014. So is this true? I will be playing everything at 1920x1080 at ULTRA and oc'ing the Processor from 3.4GHz to 4.0, maybe 4.5GHz?

Anyways here is what I have in my cart on Newegg, coming to a grand total of... 1614.59 (or around there...)

Optical drive:



Wireless PCIe card:

Graphics card:

PSU 1000W:

16GB 1600MHz RAM:

Motherboard: HEY!! DO I NEED TO UPGRADE THIS MOTHERBOARD IF I'M GOING TO Crossfire two of these 7970's in 2013-14?? [ur]


I have a question, the motherboard, I think there is a problem, if I use Crossfire I think the PCIe will only allow my to use like 8GB/s for each card, instead of 16GB? IDK if that is exactly it, but I know it is similar.... Any questions? Just ask. Oh, and do ya have any tips to take the $1600 price downa little? Thanks!!
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    All your links fail.
  2. Error found and fixed.
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