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It seems my 'old' P4 2.8 computer needs a new graphic card...

The old GeForce 5600 isn't up to the task anymore....a bit long in the tooth apparently......

Now the problem is i need a card that fits an AGP slot and i am a bit confused as to which one to get...?

Have been pushed towards this...

Or should i just bite the bullet and invest in a new motherboard with PCI-E slots....?

Any advise for someone that hasn't changed his graphic card for over four years would be very gratefully received...

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  1. ''Or should i just bite the bullet and invest in a new motherboard with PCI-E slots....? ''

    Ideally yes, buy a motherboard/cpu/ram bundle off ebay if you want.

    The best AGP card is a 7950 Geforce. Which isn't great.

    a Sapphire HD 4650 1GB DDR2 Dual DVI AGP Graphics Card for 62 pounds ????

    Absolute rip off , unbelievable rip off actually.

    a 6800gt is a good AGP card for about 15 - 20 pounds, or 7800 gs.
  2. Thank you very much Fuggles.....

    You don't know how close i was to buying it.....
  3. all AGP cards in my opinion are not very good and poor value for money,
  4. I think i had better go down the route of a new board.....

    Thanks for the advise.....

  5. Buy a new mobo and proc. Modern IGPs (esp AMD) are probably better than legacy AGP cards.
  6. Current IGPs are better than most AGP cards, but some of the last AGP cards made still outstrip integrated graphics, like the Radeon HD 4670. Definitely best to look at a new system at this point though. Socket 478 Pentium 4 is ancient, and the few AGP cards left on the market tend to be really overpriced for the performance they give.
  7. I suggest you to buy a new motherboard with a pci-e express x16 slot.
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