Newly built system, got a temp question

Hey guys, I bought a new pc about a month ago and after some teething problems it's all good I think


CPU: AMD fx 8120 (3.10 GHZ Stock clocks, Stock Heatsink)
Ram: 2x 4 GB DDR3 1600Mhz
GPU: Nvidia Zotac 560 Amp! 1GB (Read at 4GB though)
PSU: Antec EarthWatts 650W (EA-650)
HDD: 500 GB Sata II
MoBo: Asus M5A78L-M LX
OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

Okies a run down of what has happened, when I bought it I had high temps under load (CPU 65c, GPU 75c, PSU 95c gaming (SWTOR max settings)) I realised I bought a crappy PSU so I got the one I have now, which now doens't make my case so hot it could fry eggs :D, after I did that my temps went down abit (CPU 55c, GPU 65c, PSU 66c (SWTOR max settings)), but ever since I built the PC alot of games I play went very choppy FPS sometimes went down to 10 FPS for no real reason I could figure, that was until I got a message about my Bios been out of date, I updated to the latest one (Old one was sept 11 new one Feb 12) now my FPS is stable (SWTOR 110 fps normally (45 fps in Battlegrounds) but since I've done that my temps have gone back up (CPU 63c, GPU 71c, PSU 75c (SWTOR max settings)) and my case sometimes feels warm, though nowhere near as bad as when I first got it

I've also unlocked the cores and locked them (Unleash mode on my bios settings) but this doesn't change the temps at all

I was wondering if this is ok temps, my case has a 120mm fan front (blowing in), 80mm lower side fan (Blowing in near GPU), 80mm upper side vent tunnel onto cpu, rear 120 fan (Blowing out) all my cables are tidy and out of the way as much as I could with the cable ties and stick cable management thingys I have
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  1. Also my idle temp used to be 31c but since the bios update it's now around 45c
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