Asus Xonar Dx optical out issues

Today I received my asus xonar dx sound card. I installed it downloaded the drivers disabled onboard sound and it hasnt worked. I have a logitech z623 which Ive gotten to work but my surround sound system has seen no such luck.Currecntly I am using the sony bdv is1000. When i test it out in the asus xonar program im only getting play back from two channels thr front left and right speakers. I do have the default set to speakers and I have set the proper audio channels (im only using 2 atm). I have also disable the onboard sound.
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  1. so you have sound set to speakers and two channels and are getting sound from two speakers. I'm confused, whats the issue?
  2. It doesnt matter what channel I set it to, Im not getting feed back from the other system's speakers. Sorry I didnt clear that up in my original post. I then ran the test found in my surround sounds system which got all speakers to play so idk.
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