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Dual monitor problem on dual graphics.

I have 2 HD6950s both have 1 HDMI output. i have a 24 inch Asus led monitor that is plugged into my first/top card. there is no problems with that. my second card i would liked connected to my 32 inch LG tv but when i go to detect displays it says another display not detected and gives me the option to switch to VGA but when i do that it still doesn't work. all connections are with HDMI cables. CCC is no help either.
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  1. Did you enable Crossfire? Did you connect Crossfire Bridge?
  2. Yes crossfirex is enabled. everything works. my dedicated graphics memory doubled. all the fun stuff that comes with crossfirex. i made sure of that when i installed the card.
  3. See if you can boot from the second card. Disable the first card for now.
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    As far as I know, both inputs (or 5 for eyefinity) must be used from the primary card. You cannot use outputs from one and the other when in cross fire.
  5. ahhh now that makes sense. because the card works just fine. thank god it was only that.
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