Phenom 965 or 1100t (I can get the 1100t for $80 today only)

Today I am faced with a tough decision. After work, about an hour from now, I have the chance to go pick up a Phenom II 1100T for $80. It is in perfect working order, I know for sure. The thing is, just the other week I put a 965 in my system. It was an upgrade from my 955 rev. 2 (which was not very stable when overclocking). I bought the 965 used for $50, it is in perfect condition.

Should I go get the 1100T? I am a graphic designer, I use Adobe software for High res imaging, flash and some video. I have also become a gamer over the past few months. My system is...

Asrock 970 Extreme4 (am3+)
8 Gb of Adata Gamer v. 2 DDR3 1820 ram
Coolermaster 212 Cooler
Thermaltake 4 case
WD Black Caviar 1TB
Crucial M4 ssd 128gb
Phenom ii 965 (currently)
gtx 460 sli
950watt psu
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  1. At that price hell yes grab it faster than a fat guy at a free burger giveaway! The extra cores will do your video stuff good, they OC well and they are rare now...... you could flip it straight over to E-bay and net a healthy profit (you could sell that 965 for what you paid for it too).
  2. definitely yes.
  3. Get it! $80 is insanely low for that cpu.
  4. If you don't. I WILL!!! *let the fat guy races begin!!!*
  5. BTW on the subject of flipping, I've seen 1100Ts going for 300 bucks on Ebay.
  6. nekulturny said:
    BTW on the subject of flipping, I've seen 1100Ts going for 300 bucks on Ebay.

    Which is why i bought 5 of them 10 months ago while they were cheap, now one sits in my system, while the other four remained unopened in there boxes on my parts shelf, waiting for a tidy profit.
  7. Hi :)

    I run 1100Ts...

    So YES !!!!!!!!!!!

    All the best Brett :)
  8. I ended up getting the 1100t. Love it. I sold the 965 for $65 the other day too. The 6 cores are amazing. The other night I was able to run a massive Photoshop batch process with complex actions in it and rather then sitting there watching my computer slowly run through it, I was able to minimize the program and surf the Internet! This was amazing to me, as a batch like the one I did (with over 700 HIGH res photos) will typically take forever and Usally lockup or crash other computers ive worked on. In addition, it plowed right through it! A Very impressive chip.

    I've been able to get tons of gaming in too, I notice a big difference between the this processor and my last. Morw than likely, it is the fact that I can run at 4.2 stable. As oppose to 3.8 with my 965.

    Honestly, no complaints. Selling in eBay is tempting. I've already contemplated selling it, along with my asrock extereme4 and raising enough for a sandybridge, buy in all reality, I am happy with the 1100t. It is plenty fast and super powerful. Especially for my work. Runs faster and more stable the. My 8core xeon macpro at work
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