How big a psu do i need?

Using an i5 3570k and gtx 670 with 8gb of ram 1 HDD and one optical drive.
I plan on oc'ing both the gpu and CPU. How big a PSU will I need?
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  1. i would go for 600W for overclocking headroom, and remember to stick to trustworthy brands :)
  2. Agreed. A good quality 550 or 600 W PSU will serve you well.
  3. Cheers went for corsair builder series
  4. Bah builder series is crap, hope you at least got V2, V1 was even crappier.
  5. Why is it so bad. And I got v2.
  6. poor reviews lemme quote newegg for you

    Pros: the cost is low

    Cons: this product is horrible dont buy it... shut down ALOT at random times. and the sound it makes when the computer is off is SUPER ANNOYING. just save up more money for thing worth it

    Pros: None

    Cons: Dead after about 8 hours of use. Don't bother, luckily it didn't destroy the rest of my build when it blew (heard a loud pop).
    Cables are extremely tough/ don't fit in old fan sockets.

    Pros: None

    Cons: It Whines and hisses even with the power to the computer off, unless you turn off the switch in the back. RMA process costs you money. Voltage is bad. Wish I never paid any money for this.

    these are V2 reviews btw, also, im pointing out the bad reviews, there is more good reviews than bad though

    Pros: Extremely solid power supply, couldn't be more happy. Bought this to power girlfriends new system which includes:
    - AMD FX-4100
    - Gigabyte GA-970A UD3
    - eVGA GTX 480
    - Samsung 256Gb SSD
    - 8Gb Mushkin DDR3 1600
    - Lots of case fans
    All voltages are super solid and system runs like a dream. Power supply is very quiet as-well.

    Cons: Can't think of a single one.

    Other Thoughts: I've used quite a few Corsair Power Supply's in the last few years for personal builds & customer builds. Not had an issue with a single one yet.

    Pros: Works flawlessly.
    Isn't any louder than my Antec Nine Hundred case fans, so noise isn't an issue.
    Quite cheap considering the power rating and efficiency.

    Cons: Some power cables are a tad short, making cable management somewhat challenging.
  7. Let's hope I'm gonna be one of the happy people. I was on a fairly tight budget so went for cheapest corsair one I could find.
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