Upgrading from i7 930 worth it?

hey , I've been using my i7 930 for about 3 years now. I'm currently OC at 3.6ghz on Stock and hit 67c on Prime95 so I have been able to squeeze some juice out of this thing. I'm wondering wheer I go from here. My CPU is getting hot in the summer and I'm thinking its time for an upgrade. What CPU should I be looking for ? i5 2500k or 3570k? I live in Canada and prefer NCIX. Now upgrading is probably gonna cost 450$ from what I can tell. Is it worth the upgrade or should I get a CPU cooler.

Iin terms of coolers I was thinking the h60 or Hyper 212, if I don't get the desired OC on my current i7 I can always use these o my new Cpu correct?

This article concerns me since I have the X58m that one of the comments also had.

Current Rig:
i7 930 @3.6ghz No HT
6gb DDR3
MSI X58m
680GTX SC+ @1265/7010
750w PSU
M9 Thermal Take Case

Here are the Cases Dimensions, I'm worried the Hyper 212 will not fit
440.0 x 200.0 x 495.0 mm (H*W*D)

Also How much do you think I can Sell my i7 930+X58m+6b DDR3 for?
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  1. I would wait one more generation until upgrading. You aren't going to see enough difference between the 930 and a 2500k at say 4 GHz to warrant the cost.

    Based on the width (200mm) of your case, a 212 EVO would have no problem fitting in that case.

    I could be way off, but used PC components don't go for much unless they're hard to find and in great demand. For that reason, I think the max to ask for is $150 (USD)
  2. I have a i920 @ 4ghz and have not had issues with any software or games. So if you have cpu bottle necking issues then an upgrade may be a good idea. But if it just an itch to change take the above advice and wait a bit. Also the 6g of triple channel ram give great bandwidth. It is hard to saturate the ram in that config.
  3. It's your choice. However, if you do upgrade, IB will be a bit hotter...
  4. Any advice on coolers or Cases? Whats the Best case for under 90$?
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