Undervolting/underclocking i7 740QM

Hi there,

My Sony VPCF132FX has temps running at 60 idle/90 full load, so I want to know if there is a way to reduce heat by underclocking/undervolting the processor. (Turbo Boost is disabled and the chassis was cleaned of dust a few weeks ago.)
Any help would be appreciated :D
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  1. Try K10Stat but I remember reading that Intel has a lot of things locked compared to AMD even underclocking is a issue. I know that you can reduce the voltage to some extent then maybe hit a wall that you won't be able to go lower while the multiplier might be locked depending on the p-state.
  2. K10Stat only works with AMD K10-based CPUs, as the name implies.
  3. Good luck with setfsb then.
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