I broke something off in my USB

Okay, so I took my PC into the other room and stuck a wireless receiver jack into the back of my PC. Well, for some reason it didn't work. So when I tried to remove it, it wouldn't budge. So, I got some pliers and the plastic around it crushed, and now it is a broken pile of crap that is stuck into my motherboard. And when I try to wiggle it or work it out, my PC shuts down. So, I unplugged it and tried to get it out, and now the port is destroyed. But that pile of crap is still stuck in it. So I said to hell with it.

I still have so many ports that I couldn't dream of using them all. But, I am wondering if leaving that thing like that will screw up my PC in the future. I really don't want to go to the trouble of switching out the motherboard over something so small.

Is there a way of permanently disabling that particular port?

What should I do?
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  1. yes u cant permanently disable those ports as they are hardwired but u can disable those ports in device manager :D
  2. Sounds really stuck!

    Can you provide a photo. Maybe there is some way to remove it.
  3. It turns out it was the stupid "BT Go" port - no wonder it got stuck. After taking the pliers to the receiver, the plastic shell broke to pieces, as now all that remains is a little strip of circuitry hanging out of the port.

  4. how did that happen
  5. serialkiller said:
    how did that happen

    Well, I wanted to take my PC into another room and hook it up to my 42 inch Vizio and lay back and play Just Cause 2 with a gamepad.

    So, I took it in there, and took a wireless internet reciever and stuck it into the port. I wasn't paying attention, obviously, and stuck it in the wrong place. I stuck it in my "BT Go" port, which allows for some kind of bluetooth feature. As you can probably guess, no internet (which is needed for Steam games). So when I tried to remove it...stuck!

    So I take a pair of channel locks to it. Crushed it. All that is left of the receiver is a little piece of circuitry - the plastic shell is gone. I couldn't care less though - I want it out of my motherboard.

    But the more I wiggle and pull - the more it ain't comin' out! And it causes my PC to shut down when I wiggle and pull. So I left it alone for now...

    It is really aggravating me.
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