Galaxy GeForce GTS 250 + TV in HDMI Port = No Picture

Guys, I recently purchased a galaxy geforce GTS 250 graphics card ( and I'm trying to hook up my TV. Before this, I had an 8800GT which had two DVI ports. My monitor is DVI so that was no problem, and I just used an HDMI to DVI adapter to plug my TV into, and a separate cable for audio, no problems. Now with this GTS 250 that has 1 HDMI, VGA, and DVI port, plugging my HDMI cable from my TV into the HDMI port doesn't do anything. My computer doesn't recognize the TV, it doesn't show in the NVIDIA control panel. Any idea what the problem might be?
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  1. I don't know if this will help but it might. You will have to do a little reading.
  2. Doesn't seem like most of that applies. My TV won't even detect the input :(
  3. Do you have your TV source set to PC? Also do you have a vga input on your TV? I will do some more reserch on this hang in there if I can't find the answer there will be someone who would know what to do.
  4. Heh actually I figured out the picture problem, I somehow had a feeling this was the case. My HDMI cable wasn't fully in my graphics card port. I thought it felt like it was barely going in. I opened my case, unscrewed the card and slid it down a bit and with some work the plug went in. So now I have picture, but no sound. I have a feeling I need the S/PDIF cable to connect my card to my motherboard, which I forgot in another state. Unfortunately I would have thought I could still use a regular audio cable like I used to use.
  5. Actually, is there a way for me to still use my 3.5mm cable? I tried plugging it in and I get no sound through it at all, whereas with my old setup I used to get sound through it. Does having an HDMI cable plugged in prevent this somehow?
  6. HDMI is suppose to allow you to send both video and sound with the one connection. And I herd that there is one other step on how to make the sound go from your PC to the TV through the HDMI cable. I can't remember for the life of me where I saw that Info. I normaly save that stuff but this time I didn't. If I find it I will be back
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