Help buliding a budget gaming system, 6850 crossfire vs single 560ti

im looking to build a new gaming system here in the next few months. with the next generation of cpu's and gpu's im looking for these nice price drops.

im fairly new to this so bear with me, eventually i will need a checklist for the things i need that i haven't listed.

mostly i would like to play the newer games like bf3, skyrim, crysis, etc. at 1080 with little issues, possibly push it all through to my panasonic tc-p60st30 for fun. 3d doesn't matter to me, im not a fan. but i do this i would need a good soundcard that outputs to my surround receiver as well.

im looking at the i5-2500k on some p67 mobo, all this is new to me, from what i understand is that the mobo has to be capable of dual gpu's and i dont know if all mobo's are. im just gathering that the 2500k on a p67 is very powerful for the money, maybe over kill though, i dont know much about this.

right now it seems 560ti's and 6950's are the single bang for bucks in this catagory but im beginning to think i may need sli or crossfire to handle what im going to want. Ive seen this deal a couple of other places and it seems for 129.99 getting two 6850 in crossfire should have better performance for the money vs. a nice 6950 or 560ti.

My budget it around $1000 including monitor but with the new ivy bridges coming out and new gpu's im expecting all this stuff in my budget to drop in prices so i want to hold out to get the best deal that i can.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. The i5 is perfect for gaming maybe on the MOBO change it to a Z68. Make sure your ram is 1600Mhz or higher. With the new AMD/ATI cards out this month hopefully the 6xxx prices will drop.

    I prefer Nvidia cards and my choice would be the GTX 560 Ti Fermi 1gb 448 core. that kinda puts it between the 560 and the 570. Here is a link to one. If you look around you could get one cheaper and then save up and buy another one and you would be good for a long time.
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