Re-Building my computer, need case/psu advice.

Hey gang,
So the short version of what went down is this: My 1055T was toast. Cooling fan died. Oh well. Got it RMA'd (they asked for the original fan, which I had used... for a while) and have a new 1055T sitting in my hands (not literally.) I have a 990FX Sabertooth board and I just got my income tax refund today. It wasn't much but I want to spend about $100 on a nice case and PSU.

Uses: Basically this machine is going to be just a workstation at this point in time. I don't have much cash, so I am re-using just about everything that I know works. I'll be using the 1055T, stock cooling, a 1 TB Sata III WD Green HD and a really old 4770 for video output and some 1600 Mhz Patriot memory I had laying around.. I would use built in, but this board doesn't have that. Such is life.

I found a Antec Sonata Proto and I can snag a Basiq 500W for about what I am looking to spend. I am just a little concerned over the cooling. The Sonata Proto has just a single fan, a 120MM Tricool at the rear. I know the 1055T's don't run excessively warm (especially at stock) but I am worried that this case might not be the best geared for this type of setup. I plan to go pick up parts locally from Fry's Electronics ( so if anyone has a better suggestion, link to it please!

I should clarify why I need a case and psu. I rebuilt the system I was using, I bought a new Z68 board, new cpu (i3 2100) and threw in some Kingston memory in it and called it done. I want to build a secondary computer mostly for playing around with Windows 8, some Linux, but also video encoding and a work machine for my wife to use for Photoshop. So that's why I am rebuilding my old system in a new case. I also should point out this machine won't be running on any kind of 1080P monitor. It's gonna be on a old 1440x900, so the old 4770 should be just fine for that. The reason I need to keep the PSU @ 500 is because I actually have 2 of those cards and was thinking on running them in crossfire. Just a thought.

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  1. never heard of the brand basiq. personally the only budget items i trust are from the name brands or a company called fsp group, fotron source or sparkle power.

    at a bare minimum get a two fan case. preferably 1 front 1 rear.
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    I think he mean antec basiq
  3. ah, well antec is a pretty big company.

    if the product reviews online look solid then i would say go for it.
  4. The Antec Sonata Proto has no mounting for a front fan. I decided to scrap the idea for now, since to do it properly would take more funds than I am willing to dole out right now.
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