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My laptop (Win7 premium) have 2 display card. internal Intel HD and Nvidia GT555M. Now the problem is my display is using Intel HD and i unable to switch it to Nvidia GT555M. Try from Nvidia Control panel already. What should i do?
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  1. Any reference to Optimus? Your laptop seems to be new enough to have it.
    Did you try any games? See the performance and compare it to others playing on Intel and GT555M. The difference is pretty big.
  2. This is probably another Optimus problem.

    Can you specify if, you have this issue all the time or in specific program? Or you mean the windows isn't running in the nvidia card? It's suppose to be like that and you can't change it (yeah that was the bad thing of optimus).

    If you can't activate the nvidia card, try this way. Go to nvidia control panel and then, click 'Manage 3D settings' on the left-side tab of your nvidia control panel window. There you should be in the 'Global Settings' tab, if no go there.

    Then in there, you'll see 'Preferred graphics processor' area, below that, you can see that you can choose between GPUs and you are there, just change it :). Click apply and if you don't have issue, games will run to the nvidia GPU :).

    Hope this helps :). Good luck :).
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