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I have a PC with i5 2500k and 16g of ram with a 1000w power supply and 3 slots for graphics cards. I have a 32 tv with 720p quality. I know I need a better graphics card(s) to play on this size of a screen but I dont have much experience in video cards. Does anyone else play on this size of a screen? What kind of card(s) can support this? I have enough money to buy pretty much whatever I want but I dont want to buy something way more powerful than I need.
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  1. You dont need that powerful of a card- your resolution is really what is going to determine how powerful of a card you need to actual screen size. IMO a gtx 560 would be adequate.
  2. If you already have the 32" TV then by all means use it but if you intend to run 2 high end cards in SLI then you need something with 1080p and 1920X1080 resolution. Otherwise it's just power and eye candy wasted because 720p is going to look like crap from under 4 feet away and most people sit 1-3 feet away from their monitors.
  3. Ya I already have the tv, I have a regular monitor too but I figure I can use my wireless mouse and keyboard and play from the couch which is like 7 feet away. I will probably get a new tv with 1080p res one day though.
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