First build check and SB/IB CPU questiion

First build

MoBo ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 Gen3
GPU Radeon 6850 (going crossfire later)
SSD Intel 320 120GB
RAM Geil DDR3 16GB 1333mghz (2x8)
HDD WD Caviar Green 2tb
PSU Corsair HX 850
ODD Samsung SH b123a
Fan Noctua NH D14
Case Zalman Z9

Obviously I missing a CPU. My question is should I wait for Ivy Bridge?
And if I do how does the Bios update work?
Will I still need a Sandy bridge 1155 to get the update?

I've been gathering these pieces since Christmas.
I'm getting antsy and want to buy i7-2600K or i5 2500k?
Should I wait or does the bios upgrade make it moot b/c I don't have an 1155 SB to update with?

Sorry for any stupid points or questions

Is that ram OK?
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    should you wait? i think yes, the 3770k just got reviewed
    i dont know about the bios update...i think you will need it since the processors are not realeased yet? wait for the new processors to come out and i bet there will be motherboard with the out of the box support for the new cpus, older mobos will get a bios update
    the ram looks OK, i would go for 8gb of ddr 1600
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  3. go for a Z77 motherboard, you get USB 3 on chip and realtime overclocking among others
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