Ubable to detect whether graphic card is original

i got 512mb nvdia graphic card from a local computer shop he broyght the graphic card and fixed it. but when i brought it home and saw my graphic card in the cpu it is written as nvidia instead of nvdia and gforce instead of getforce.when i ask him about the warrenty card he says he's gonna fix that .now how should i prove to him that my graphic card iss not original.i also have some problem playing asssassins creed.please help figure a solution to this!
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  1. Your graphics card is almost certainly original.

    First, "nvidia" and "gforce" are correct. "nvdia" and "getforce" are not. So somehow the local shop corrected the problem.

    Second, the warranty problem is between you and him. And if the warranty problem comes from your misunderstanding about the mispelled words, you do not have a problem.

    Third, if other games work correctly, your problem is either bad configuration, bad video drivers, or your system is simply not powerful enough to play the game.

    So at this point, we need complete system specifications.
  2. wierd. Well, it should be nvidia and geforce, not nvdia and getforce. Have you installed the nvidia drivers from the nvidia website? Or did the guy give you his own special disc?

    Try using PC Wizard or MSI Afterburner and see what they tell you the card is

    A GPU would be a rather complicated device to duplicate, it is hard to imagine someone making a knockoff. Any word on the model of the card? like a 9800gt or something? Also, what are the other specs of your computer, there could be other bottlenecks involved that would make game play 'less than optimal'.
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