Upgrading PSU in a Dell Dimension 9100

I am looking to upgrade the stock 375W PSU that came with my Dell Dimension 9100 into something with ~450-500W. I read somewhere that only Dell PSUs will work with Dell computers. Is that true?

If not, will this PSU work for my computer?
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Yes the Antec PSU that you listed will work fine!

    Here are the specs -

    I have an Antec 620 watts PSU in a Dell Optiplex 755, and an Antec 400 watts PSU in another Dell Optiplex 755.

    The Corsair 420 watts PSU will also work fine. If you use this PSU, you will need the 4th mounting screw to be about 1/8" longer than the other three screws. It will work fine with just 3 mounting screws.
  2. Thank you, your help is much appreciated! :]
  3. stargreat5 said:
    Thank you, your help is much appreciated! :]

    No additional cables or adapters are needed for the Antec PSU.
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  5. Thank you!
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