Tell me what you think about this.

Hi all,

You might think this is crazy, but do think about it and tell me how it will perform.

MOBO: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z Z68 motherboard.
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K OC'd to 4.5GHz.
GPUs': ASUS GTX 560 Ti Direct-CUII Top and HIS ATI Radeon HD6950 1GB version. (Both running in X-Mode.)
RAM: GSkill 4GBx2 DDR3 1600MHz SNIPER Desktop memory.
PSU: Corsair GS800W Single 12V rail (65 Amps).

How will this perform in Battlefield 3 @ 1920x1080 at Ultra settings?
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  1. Crazy why would you select AMD and nvidia card together for dual card setup! For gaming just get the I5 2500K.
  2. One software called Lucid Hydra (or something) allows one to run AMD and Nvidia cards in multiple card setup called the X-Mode. Thought that I'd get better performance using those high end graphic cards. I thought of using the i7 becoz, I'm not only into gaming but also productivity.
  3. I suggest a i7 3770K and z77 motherboard near the end of April. I suggest a 7850 and 660 near the end of April also.
  4. But it will not get the performance level of 2 x HD6950 in crossfire or 2 x GTX560Ti in SLI!
    The I7 is the right choice for productivity!
  5. Yeah! I'll think about Ivy Bridge. I'd like to know about the successor to the 2500k.
    Maybe sticking with the green side IS better perhaps.
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