Omg xfx 6950 1gb gets /p5831/ 3dmark 11....whats your score :)

i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz

8gb ddr3 x-jaws 1600mhz

asrock p67 pro 3 se (change) it has (2x) 16x 2.0)
XFX 6950 1gb (duel fan)
950 core

1450 memory


TRIXX overclocker
3dmark 11 score: p5831


please post your 6950 3dmark 11 scores :)

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  1. oh i forgot, here is the 3dmark score

    edit: just beat that score p5946 :)

    core 975
    mem 1475
    mv 1250

    max temp 53c

  2. Can't beat it.

    1090t @ 3.7

    930 mhz core
    1440 mhz mem
    1200 mv

    I have the single fan xfx 6950 1gb(CNDC)which doesn't seem to have as much overclocking room(up to 85 degrees at load after an hour, with custom fan profile... lousy single fan, that's in eyefinity though). CPU however i have about 15 celcius more room to mess with, I will get back to you after I find the system's maximum clocks and put CCC into performance mode. I am using all stock cooling.;jsessionid=1u39s4melhjqyw7y4nmb6mpzv
  3. just tested again at high quality ccc and got p5458, this time i unchecked morphological aa, eq is still on though. I will do a real test the third time around with higher clock. Are you using unlocked shaders???
  4. I got 5507, but mine is the 2GB version with the unlocked shaders.;jsessionid=15dki3rdceyfgfyukfurkt1cv

    EDIT: Just got 5610 with overclocks. I can't OC my processor because of the board.
  5. With any overclock my MSI 6950 with reference cooling have P5432
  6. The 3Dmark scores are meaningless unless you post what settings you were running in Catalyst.
  7. P5961 3DMarks

    2500K @ 4.5ghz 1.3v
    69502GB 950/1400 @ 1.175v

  8. RussK1 said:

    I actually don't use CCC on my system, as it does not run. When it is installed and I click it to run nothing happens. It has been a longstanding problem and I have just ignored it until I get around to reinstalling Windows.
  9. Deemo13 said:
    I actually don't use CCC on my system, as it does not run. When it is installed and I click it to run nothing happens. It has been a longstanding problem and I have just ignored it until I get around to reinstalling Windows.

    The post was directed to the OP... sorry if it was taken another way.

    Sometimes updating drivers Catalyst won't open for me but I'll custom uninstall and run Driver Sweeper and CCleaner, reboot and run CCleaner again, reboot, download and install Catalyst and reboot once again.
  10. p5506
    OC'd the 1090t to 3.9(could go even higher, hard to believe I'm running stock cooler) and 925/1435 on the 6950.

    I decided to keep CCC AA quality set to adaptive multi sample and catalyst AI is set to highest quality, the rest are at default, surface format optimization unchecked.
  11. p5631 after upgrading cooler to a Corsair A50 then OC @4.2ghz 28c idle 42c load(game stable but not prime95 stable), If anyone knows how to get the 1090t past 4.2 stable please post ur BIOS settings(prime95 quits after a few minutes at 62c core temp). I will next install arctic cooling Twin Turbo Pro and manually unlock the GPU BIOS with circuit pen during upgrade, then flash to 6970 shaders only and overclock past 945/1440(lousy stock fan, I foolishly bought the wrong xfx 6950). My PC will PWN.;jsessionid=t0az6xldx1hgehoewk2ds76f
  12. WoW that's a nice score.. My GTX 560 Ti can't match that! Exceptional hd 6950 there!

    CPU is OC'ed to 4.3 GHz.
  13. Tried arctic cooling twin turbo pro, it was defective ran temps into upper hundreds. When returning to stock cooller after 5 re aassembly attempts trying to get a perfect contact on the gpu, i broke 2 tiny resistors off with the memory sink twhen I wasn't paying attention for a split second. The card was useless, I didn't bother trying to boot up or anything. With all hope nearly lost I decided what the hell and stuck the resistors back in place with some circuit pen goop, worked like a charm. Temps are back to mid-high 70s overclocked to 880/1375 under bf3 after an hour, that is in eyefinity(10-20 degrees hotter for triple screen setup). Stock is ok, at least it works...
  14. p5670 ccc default(with catalyst ai set to high quality)

    971 core
    1419 mem

    1090t overclocked to lousy 4.1Ghz but it is prime95+furmark stable =D

    6950 tops at 93c in furmark extreme burn then hovers between 90-93 degrees

    Don't anybody buy a single fan model they really suck balls for overclocking and especially with eyefinity the temps get pretty high. I can get p5782 if I bump the 1090 to 4.2 but it's not as stable as I need.
  15. 980/1460

    how many mv for 1000/1500? Anyone reach that? Mine keeps freezing at 84 degrees only compared to 980/1460 being bf3 stable and furmark lasts until 94c. Sick of 3d mark testing but I know my score roughly should be p5790. I say I'm about matched with OP, which is difficult with all AMD parts and single fan card, but I got there. 4.1ghz 1090t prime95 stable. Not too shabby for budget merchandise.
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