Alienware Freezing, hardware problem!!! HELP!!!

I have an Alienware Area-51 7500 computer with 8GB RAM running windows 7 64 and though it has run for about a year with windows 7 with no problems, it's now freezing at various points. I've removed windows all together and it still froze, so it's not windows. I've now been able to reinstall windows and check the temperatures and the highest temp reported is the GPU at 60C. I have two different types of ram (2GB X 4) and I took out each type of ram to see if one of the two sets went bad, I've changed the timing and voltage of the ram. I downloaded everest and when I went to do a system stress test, the computer froze immediately when the CPU got to 100%, after only a few seconds. I'm sure I'm missing something here, but I think I've tried just about everything except trading out components to see if one of them is causing the issue... Any ideas?
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  1. If I leave the computer off for a while it will run for a while, otherwise it will freeze faster (usually) if it has been running for a while, which leads me to believe it is temperature oriented, but I can't find any temperature issues... I also just updated the bios, but the problem existed prior to that.
  2. Re-tried the stress test, seems to run fine, no freezing, after computer had been off for about a half hour...Ran CPU, FPU, cache, GPU, and memory stress tests individually with Everest and all seems to be stable. The only fluctuations were the CPU currents and powers, but the CPU volts were all stable.
  3. I can't believe not a single person replied to this thread...guess it must be the motherboard. Replacing tomorrow.
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