What's the deal with this spammer posting all this "watch internet sports here" BS. This has been going on too long not to be noticed and nothing seems to be being done about it. It's almost always a different name and sometimes 2 or 3 different names but when you come to read the tech posts on the front page.... Forum Live Feed......... it's totally saturated with this drivel. How's about a house cleaning here. It's extremely annoying. usually in "sports and wellness................ perhaps Tom's should start charging advertising fees... ???
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  1. Perhaps you should calm yourself down.

    You as a Veteran might know that moderators sometimes have other topics to look at and answer, and do not spend all their time looking for spam. The Sports section spamming is well-known and the guys here do all they can to keep the page clean. You report the spam to the mods though.

    You might as well look into the other 40 or so categories TS has to offer.
  2. We have cut this spam down to a trickle compared to where it was before.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    We have cut this spam down to a trickle compared to where it was before.

    I did notice. These past 7 weeks have been extremely trying. And it's more from aggravation than anything else. keep up the fight.
  4. They post new threads in quick succession and it will take some time before it gets noticed by us (especially if nobody is online at the time), so it may look like we're doing nothing. We are keeping an eye on that section though, and cleaning it up as necessary. There's not much we can do to prevent it being posted, we can only react after it has been posted.
  5. Trust me, we tried hard to fight the spammer. I stayed up until 5am my local time just to make sure a Mod or other community reporter can take over.

  6. The more of us there are reporting these posts to the Mods, the more effective they become at killing them off. It's up to us how this develops - the Mods can't be everywhere.

  7. They usually attack about 3am my local time.

    I can only delete the ones in software section.

    Feels like I am given a pistol for a job that needs a machine gun.
  8. For sure Pyree.

    Everyone else please remember that reporting the spammers highlights them for the moderators, and we can wipe them out accordingly. It's much harder for us to actively look for spam posts and take them out that way. By using the Report feature, you're doing everyone a big favor.
  9. Agreed with everyone else. Once a spammer is reported we can wipe that user name's posts out in mass.
  10. Just deleted 8 post from a Chinese spammer in Window 8 forum for escort service. I am exhausted after staying up several night in a row later than 3am. I am going to sleep early tonight (at 10pm local time).
  11. Sleep is more important than killing spammers. Don't let a volunteer job damage your health!
  12. Plus 1 ^
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