Will my rig run Macintosh OS X? Thanks for help/reading!

Hi, I know, I truly do know that Mac is not a penicillin in computers, no way near it. I would just like a mac partition to edit videos, and just to have it in case, who knows Windows 7 Ult. crashes (VERY unlikely).

I would like to use one of my secondary hard drives if possible (don't mind if I must use a partition)... I have x1 120GB (IDE based) x1 20GB, 2.5inch SATA, x1 120GB, 2.5inch SATA. Not sure if the 20GB works but who cares? Also, I have a 3TB 7200RPM, 64mb Cache SATA 6GB/s HDD as my primary drive for Windows, since Windows 7 64bit can only "see" 2TB max in one drive, the 700gbs left (because 300gbs are used by system...) are in a partition, if that helps.

Lastly, I would run ANY version of Mac, seriously, it can be 1.0 idgaf. I don't need the best of the best, as it is just not a nessecity to me. Once I am told which OS X will work, I will pirate (sorry) it and if it works, I will buy a disc :)

So, I have a pretty beast gaming computer, the specs are in my Sig. but I'll put 'em here anyways.

Motherboard: ASUS P78-V/PRO GEN-3
CPU/Proc: i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz currently with H100 water cooler. (Running 64bit)
800w PSU
8GBs of RAM, but I could put in my other 8GBs (total of 16GB) @ 1600MHz

Let me know if I left something out, you need more info, and thanks so much guys n gals!
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  1. Anyone have any clues? I am also planning on using my iPod Touch 4th gen. with this partition/OS.
  2. It's not legal to install OSX on anything but an Apple branded computer....
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