Can Athlon IIX2 220,2.8GHz, Run For The Game I list??

I Have A Problem Now... I Want To Play
---Battlefield 3
---Black Ops
---Black Ops 2 (MAYBE)
---Need For Speed(Most NFS)
With All the Game I list...
Processor Brand:::: AMD
Processor Platform:::: VISION
Processor:::: AMD Athlon™ II X2 220
Processor Speed:::: 2.8GHz
System Bus:::: 1066MHz
Cache Memory:::: 1MB
System Memory:::: (RAM) 4GB
Graphics:::: PNY GeForce GT 630
Video Memory:::: 2GB
Available Expansion Slots:::: 2 PCI, 1 PCI Express x16
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  1. That is a very weak build. Both your CPU and GPU will not allow you to have a decent experience on those games. I recommend a serious upgrade when you have enough cash (at least 400$)
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