Mic+Speakers don't work after radeon 6850 upgrade

Hey guys, I installed a radeon gigabyte 6850 graphics card in to my computer a long time ago and after I made the switch from Nvidia to Radeon my input jacks and output jacks stopped working. Usually I can live with it and use my laptop or phone for skype but I've just bought a game on steam and I can't use steam voice chat on a different system then play on my gaming system at the same time and playing games with my friends without voice chat is unacceptable.

When I plug a mic in it says its working and it shows up in realtek hd audio but when i try to use it with anything it doesnt work. The bar doesnt even go up when i test it in windows 7 so it must be muted. I've tested the mic with a laptop before so it definitely works. I've reinstalled realtek hd drivers.

I think the problem is I'm using hdmi to connect my tv and use it as a monitor and apparently using hdmi sound from amd cards mute all other sounds. I need the speakers on my tv as they are my only speakers, and buying new speakers or a sound card is not a possible option right now. And even if I could get speakers, my tv only connects via hdmi anyway so the sound would still be muted so I really need this fix.

So does anyone know how I can get windows 7 sound to work while using hdmi from a radeon graphics card to output sound to my speakers? Does anyone use hdmi to connect their display to an amd graphics card?

This is a major fault on amd's part as I have researched the internet for a long time to get a fix on this but I have found nothing. When I had my nvidia gt220 I used hdmi to connect to the same tv monitor and output sound and i could use my mic. But I can't switch back to that card as it's highly inferior in game performance and I've already sold it anyway. Shame one you AMD, now I know why your graphics cards are alot cheaper than nvidias. Please someone help me out and sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Do not judge amd suck/crap yet, it's manufactured by the GPU manufacturer (gigabyte). It's probably their fault to make your card defective, so you can contact them or RMA the card. Please don't be silly, I remind you. Also do not bump post.
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