460 GTX NVIDIA 1 GB 60 fps all games, wake up next day, 30 fps

like the title says I was running skyrim 60 fps, LoL 60 fps, call of duty 60 fps, then i literally go to play LoL today and im at 23 fps, i check out skyrim im at 21 fps, I dont know what happened, i tried installing a new driver but the problem is still there, the only changes i have made in the last few days software wise are i installed java so i could play pogo, and steam installed a new version of directx
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  1. Are you running anything in background? Are you running games fullscreen?
  2. im running games exactly like i used to run them before, yes fullscreen yes a few things in background like itunes,
  3. Is it possible your PSU isn't getting enough power to your card?

    It sounds like software though.
  4. guys what it was power management was set to power saver. Thanks guys
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