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120hz / Vsync question

Hello ,

So im playing bf3 , At 80fps lowest and 130max, 100avarage , however i have terrible Screen tearing . ( high settings )

Easy to fix right ? i'll turn on Vsync, The screen tearing get's fixed , however it feels like less then 15fps , & i get "frame skiping" ( i call it that ) , so i get a 0.5sec lagg every 20secs or so , hard to explain ,

Im playing on a LCD 60hz.

I was thinking , if a 120hz would help , either to remove the screen tearing and play without Vsync , or if the lagg would go away/frame skiping if i Vsync a 120hz screen ?

Thanks :)


- My english is realy bad, hopefully you understand my question

XFX DF 6950 CF
8gb ddr3 1600mhz
p68something V-pro GEN 3

( it's the wrong forum ? if so , sorry )
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  1. I think you are just having crossfire problems, particularly microstuddering and driver issues running a game well.

    and no, an 120hz monitor will not fix these problems. just run it on 1 card til drivers get fixed.
  2. Agreed sounds like crossFire issue. What framerate are u getting with Vsync enabled? It should be a constant 60fps. Have u updated all drivers and BF3 version?
  3. 60 constant, 12.1 ( newest ) & the newest bf3 version.

    one card + vsync = heavy frame skipping( microstuttering? ) , no lagg
    one card + no vsync = heavy screen tearing

    two cards + vsync = frame skipping(microstuttering?) & lagg
    two cards + no vsync = no lagg, screen tearing ( however it's without a doubt still playable )

    *with lagg i mean if feels like less then 10fps <.<

    Guess i'll just have to live with it
  4. Hmm well when microstutter from CF is seen you will see a fluctuation in framerate. If you framerate is a constant 60fps you might have an issue with another component. I would not just live with it because what you are describing is not normal. When BF3 plays at a smooth 60fps it's gorgeous. U will have to do some trouble shooting.

    Ok does this stutter happen with every game or just BF3?

    If its every game the start looking at components. First test the components you can. Ram with memtest. Stress test CPU watching temps and stability.

    Then exchange out each component one by one until the problem is fixed the most simple first. Cables. Try to make sure crossfire bridge connection is on tight and try another if possible. Then cable to monitor/tv. Next try another monitor or TV. Then go down the list..

    I new one guy who described this type of stuttering on even a constant 60 FPS and it ended up being a bad CPU. But he had the stutter on all games and even YouTube videos. It looked like this.
  5. I have a Quadfire setup and have seen this same problem ,it occurs when you turn Vsync on (i get 100-150fps with vsync turned off) it feels laggy but it's not.
    For some reason Crossfire + Vsync in BF3 seems to cause mouse Lag, the game is running perfectly smooth but the mouse movement has a split second delay on it.
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    Vsync will always cause some degree of input lag, it just has to by design. Some people are much more fussy about input lag than others.

    A 120hz monitor will make screen tearing less noticeable at high framerates due to the image refreshing so fast, tears are harder to notice. You can also run triple buffering Vsync so you don't lose any frames below 120fps on a 120hz monitor if you still are bothered by screen tearing. A game running at 120fps with vsync on will have half the input lag on a 120hz monitor than a 60hz monitor.
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