Dual monitors using hdmi + dvi ports

Hi, i'm using an amd radeon 6950 which has 2x dvi and 2x hdmi outputs on it
and 2 monitors
usually i use these monitors in dualscreen with the DVI connectors, however i've ordered a third screen to use also, and since i dont have 3x DVI outputs, i have to plug one into hdmi, so i thought i would do it now, however when i try to use dualscreen mode like this, it doesnt let me, if i try to enable 2nd monitor in windows resolution thing, it says something like "unable to change settings" and when i try to do it in catalyst it says something like "this operation cannot be supported based on current display configurations"

any help?
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  1. You have to enable eyefinity for 3 screens
  2. i'm not using 3 screens...
  3. 2 screen is the same... Just that eyefinity support 3 in total...
  4. but i've been using dualscreens with this card for over 6 months without eyefinity -_-, how does this help me?
  5. so, you are trying to connect one monitor using DVI and one using HDMI? Can you go back to how you had it before, just using 2 DVI?

    You should not have mentioned 3 screens if you do not plan on using 3 at the same time... your just confusing people.
  6. wow, i clearly said that in the future i would be using 3 screens, currently i'm not, i'm using a dvi and a hdmi cable, i said that i would be in the future so people wouldn't just say "plug it into the other DVI port"
    currently, i'm only using 2, and if i want to use 3, i have to make sure these two atleast work with one in HDMI port..
  7. no, you are wrong.... in order to use 3 you need to use DVI-DVI-DP(Display Port w/ an Active Adapter) or DVI-HDMI-DP...... you can't do it with DVI-DVI-HDMI... get that in your head before you buy a 3rd monitor.

    so the question remains... what are you having a problem with... can you use 2 on DVI without issues, or does your issue ONLY occur when using DVI and HDMI... did this issue start when you tried using DVI-HDMI...?
  8. well, for some reason, when i plugged the hdmi cable into the other port on my card, i was able to use dualscreen again, which is weird because with the other port i was still able to use either single monitor so it was clearly worked.
    and yeah, i did it without eyefinity
  9. well either your card is setup to use one hdmi as a dual enabled port and the other as strictly single(unlikely).... or the hdmi port is bad; just cause it can be used on a single connection doesn't mean it works 100%... could also be a setting issue, do you have the latest drivers?
  10. Well i'd assume so, a window comes up every so often with catalyst updates
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