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Hello, i have a HD3650 video card and the fan on it started to make incredible noise a month ago and it looks like it`s getting worse and worse so i decided to look for a replacement , to my surprise the mounting hole distance is very random for video cards ( i use to think it was a standard).

SO i am looking for a CHEEP cooling solution with 53mm mounting holes, i am not a intense gamer or anything i just want my pc to work for day to day tasks, at the moment the cheepest solution i found is a DeepCool v90 but it is a bit expensive for what my video card is worth so i am looking for a alternative.

PS: i also found most of the stores in my country are still selling the V40,v64`s they are just right as far as budget goes, but they have 55mm mounting holes not 53 like mine so my second question is : can i mount one of this ? , is the 2mm extra gap that important? i mean it`s 2mm not that huge of a difference.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Not knowing which country you live in, I can't vouch for your prices. But here in the U.S. you can replace the whole video card for something of comprable capabilities for around $30 USD.
  2. Yeah that`s what i was say`n my card is not worth to buy a cooler built for the newer cards they are way to expensive, and on the other hand it`s wasteful for me to throw out a very good video card for something as insignificant as a cooler.
    I will buy a DeepCool V50 it says it has mounting holes at 55mm my card is 53 mm so it will fit right in and i found it for 4$ new :)
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