Melted fan controller cord, now I need cables to connect case fans/PSU

Following Newegg's tutorial vid for my first build, I plugged the fan controller from the front of my case to the the PSU with one of these:

The controller cord melted, making the plugs for the 3 case fans (2 front, one huge side panel) effectively useless. So I think I need something that goes from PSU and can power 3 or four 3 pin fans. Does such a thing exist?

I've got 3 of those and nothing to connect them to. Here is my PSU:

Can anyone help me?
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  1. That is GPU/VGA connector (picture 1), no wonder it's blow up. the fan 3 pin (picture 2) is usually plunged on the mobo fan connector... (check the mannual that came with the mobo)

    but since it already blow up it's not recommended to plug in it to mobo anymore before u sure the fan is still ok nothing short/melted inside.
  2. None of my fans can reach the mobo which is why I need a cable that can connect them to my power supply
  3. the first picture is a molex to PCIe connector. it does not plug into the PSU and should not have been anywhere near your fans.

    The are molex to 3 pin fan adapters or you can plug them into the motherboard, although the plugs look a little odd. what case/fan controller?
  4. madlaughter said:
    None of my fans can reach the mobo which is why I need a cable that can connect them to my power supply

    3 pin extension. they exist but shop around this one seems expensive. the are also y extensions to hook 2 together etc
  5. Usually i cut the wire and add small wire to each of them later isolated them using melted plastic glue or wiring tape.

    There some sells extension cables ready to use, or just big molex (yellow, black,black,red one) converter to 3 fan power one..... (u can make it yourself using yellow and black / red and black depends on the fan needs 12v or 5v, some fan like enermax included with them)


    U can buy cable nylon warp to make it looks nice to hide the added wire......
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