Is there a program to split the screen

hi i was wondering if there was a program that could like split the screen that way it's like havin two monitors when you hit full screen for web browsing or a movie that it would only full screen to half that way you can multi task side by side rather then constantly having too resize two windows
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  1. yea i dont find that to work all to well as a method because when you open a compleatly fresh window or you clik a link and the webpage pops up in a new window you have to constantly re-snap the new windows
  2. Do you have AMD GPU?
  3. Due to the way VGA, DVI, and HDMI cables work, if what your trying to do is literally split a monitor in 2 so that they work independently of each other, there is no program that does that.

    However, there are some tools that do better than built in windows 7 snapping:
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