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Hi there, yet another question for the community, is it possible to run a Lan (ethernet cable) from a computer into a laptop with wireless to use its internet? This is only as my Wireless card in my PC Turns off every 5 minutes (sometimes at random) where it will just decide to disconnect from the internet :L So in my dire situation i thought it Might be possible to run a Lan into Laptop which has wireless, If it is possible, how would i do it?

Just incase anyone knows the solution to the instability of my PC's wireless card, its a Realtek PCI-E Wireless 802.11n 300Mbps Network Interface Card, and my internet provider is BT and i have the BT home hub 2.0 and full access to it, (if it has anything to do with that)
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    Yes quite easy actually open your network to the area you can see both of your network cards (Wireless and Nic) then in Windows XP right click on one and hit bridge network cards. In Windows 7 selct both network cards and right click again and hit bridge connections. This allows the wireless to pass all network through its nic onto another computer. I use this to pass network from a HTPC to an xbox works great.

  2. You'll need a crossover cable, or network interface card that can autodetect and compensate for direct connected cables. You'll also need to turn on internet connection sharing in windows.
  3. I take it a crossover cable is the cable which fits snug into my computer and is the same at both ends?
  4. No, a crossover cable is a regular old ethernet cable, but the receive and transmit wires are crossed so you don't need a hub, router, switch or anything like that to connect two devices. A regular ethernet cable won't do it on all network cards.
  5. hmmmm, Well can anyone give me a little walkthrough, just so i know that im doing it right, as i have mucked around with the internet sharing via the LAN but nothing seems to happen, its mostly so im definite that the cable is wrong or my Network cards is one of those ones that doesnt accept it. Cheers for the comments so far though!
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