Radeon 7790 oversized game menus in win 7 64 bit

Hello, i have a radeon 7790 1gb gddr5 pci-e card running on win 7 64bit. Most of my game have the same issue. The main menu of the game is oversized and it is missing a corner( bottom right usually). This takes place in the intro of the game. When you play the game everything is ok most of the time and sometimes this happens in the game too. Windows desktop works perfectly and so do the videos in media player ( even in 1080p). Please note that i work 1080p as native on a samsung le46c650 full hd lcd tv. Any ideas?? Thank you in advance.
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  1. Wow, did you work for AMD to get a free 7790 which is not released yet???

    Can you show me benchmark??? Can't wait!!!!!!!! :lol:

    In the monitor usually you can set up things there, try that.
  2. It is a saphire radeon 7790 1gb gddr5. I got it in greece for 130€. Everything runs perfectly. Only rage does not play and i dont think its the card. Need for spped run plays 1080p with everything on full on a 46 inch lcd flawlessly.The only problem is the main screen issue.
  3. Are you sure it's 7790? 7790 is a card that is not released yet! :pt1cable:

    In the monitor you might be able to ''Auto Image Adjust'' it. Try that on the menu where you got the problem. My monitor can do that, not sure about yours. Read the manual if you don't know.
    And there might be driver problem also, update it.

    hope this helps :).
  4. If your card truly is a Radeon 7790, then the problem is probably with your drivers. Considering the card hasn't even gone into retail production yet, my suspicion is that the current Radeon drivers do not have proper support for the 7790. This would cause all sorts of problems with the stability of the card, as well as severe rendering issues. For solid performance, you will probably have to wait for a driver release with official support (or at least a decent beta driver).

    Also, the card you have is most likely an ES (engineering sample). AMD's official statement claims that the Radeon 7970 will be the first card released (Jan. 9th), with production runs of the lower end card (like yours) beginning sometime in February or March. Since no cards other than the 7970 have been manufactured yet for retail release, I don't see how your card could be anything other than an ES.
  5. OMG! you are a lucky person!!can you plz send me a front and back view pic???plz.......
    thnk you!

  6. How can i post photos here?
  7. Just send a link. Have you solve your problem anyway? If you have solved good for you, it may be a driver issue as other says. To send picture, try this also if you don't want to send link (Or post link) :).

    But I don't trust you, I don't know why you are always telling us '7790' because I'm pretty sure you have a '6790'.
  8. No, you are right. It is a 6790 not a 7790. I got mixed up. Sorry.And i was wondering why you where so amazed. Here is the one i have
  9. Go to www.imageshack.com, select all the photos you want to upload, and make sure to select "do not resize" option. Then hit upload, and post the links here.
  10. Hahaha, that's why we are confused. :lol: Try updating drivers of the 6790 from AMD website (the correct and the latest one of course)...
  11. i was so excited for a moment :x
  12. +100 frnds!!!!!!! :)
  13. I have the latest drivers. I dont get it. The intro and main menu are missing parts of the border (the intro looks like it is to the botton right instead of in the middle. When you play it is perfect. I tried rage but after the intro everything runs at about 5fps ( i think this is a game issue). I have check catalyst but cant see anything that whould fix this. I evev tried changing resolution but even in 4:3 it still is missing. A new beginning is unplayable due to this problem cause it also goes down in the game its self so you miss a few inches all around. My pc recognized my tv and installed drivers so i dont think its that.
  14. So... which game are you talking about? Or is it all games?
  15. All games is a heavy word but the ones i stated before plus aerofly pro deluxe (rc simulator) and redlynx trials 2. Maybe its a windows 7 64bit issue? My pc is fully updated since i just updated my machine. I kept my core 2 quad q6600 and added a ddr3 motherboard with 4gb ddr3 1333 and the radeon 6790. Now i use ut on a samsung 46 full hd tv thru hdmi. The machine runs fast and cool, its this damn bigger screen in games that is screwing things up. That is why i have been gaming with a ps3 the past 3 years. Not one conflict for very good graphics ( but also expensive games)
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