Good CPU cooler for AMD Phenom II 955 BE

I need a good and cheapish CPU cooler because the stock cooler is too loud. Is the CM hyper 212 still the best cheapish cooler or are there better ones?
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  1. Also does anyone have any tips for removing thermal paste from the CPU?
  2. Yes that is still the cheapest best heat sink for removing thermal paste from the CPU You may also use Thermal Grease removal/Surface Purifier kits such as
  3. Isopropyl alcohol and something somewhat lint-free -- like a coffee filter.

    Be sure the 212+ will fit in your case -- go with the 92mm *TX* if you have any worries.
  4. Agreed with wise, for me I didn't even need it, just run prime 95 for about 5 minutes then shut off the pc and you should be able to get all of it off with just coffee filters.
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