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AGP Card still NEEDED!

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January 5, 2012 12:05:18 PM


I'm looking for an AGP Graphics Card to buy (old one GeForce FX 5700 popped out), since my board has no PCIEXpress and I dont want to make any more upgrades.
I seen a nmber of articles on this forum and found out that hight end cards support for AGP for nVidia is GeForce 7800 GTS family and for ATI the ATI Radeon HD 465XX or Radeon X1650 Pro. Can anyone confirm???
Also, I faced with a choice to buy [i'm a gamer but not frequent play now:o ) ] , a choice among the following:

1. Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1Go (AGP)
2. Sapphire Radeon HD3450 512Mo (AGP) <= equivalent => MSI GeForce NX6200AX-TD512 (AGP)
3. Sapphire Radeon X1650 Pro 512Mo (AGP)
4. Asus Radeon AH4650 DI 1GD2 (AGP)

Any suggestions in terms of good power @ good price? Thanx!


Windows 7 Pro 32-bit

Pentium 2.8 Ghz (Hyperthreading)
2 Gb RAM

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a c 185 U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 12:12:40 PM

Man, it isn't worth it. Better take a Motherboard+CPU+RAM combo upgrade...

Or if you have no money for that, get the sapphire HD 4650 1GB because it's the best among the AGP currently If I'm not wrong. But still if me I'll save more money and get Motherboard+CPU+RAM combo upgrade :) .
a b U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 12:29:45 PM

Agree^, Unless you flat out no way have money for anything but a video card, get a 4650, but man its tossing money down a hole.
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a b U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 12:35:00 PM

If you dont play games get any DX9 card. This will let you use aero in win 7 if you want.

If you do play games best bet is to hit your favorate auction site and try to get something used. AGP cards are getting rare at retail stores like newegg and tiger and they are real expensive.

I used to have a whole lan in my basement for old games. I had a bunch of those old cards.

on your system with these cards here are some estimated 3dmark 06 scores.
HD4670 4500-5000 around $125
HD4650 4000
HD3850 5000-5500 UNAVALABLE
HD3450 1500 around $65
HD2400 3000 unavalble
X1650 2000 around $50
Nvidia 7600 1500
Nvidia 5700 800

If you cant find anything on an auction site I would get a

or if you want to go big this is the best agp card you will find new, and in a few months they will be gone forever.

This card would allow your older system to play simpler newer games like mw3 on THE LOWEST SETTINGS 1280X1024.
January 5, 2012 12:45:05 PM

refillable said:
Man, it isn't worth it. Better take a Motherboard+CPU+RAM combo upgrade...

Or if you have no money for that, get the sapphire HD 4650 1GB because it's the best among the AGP currently If I'm not wrong. But still if me I'll save more money and get Motherboard+CPU+RAM combo upgrade :) .

Except that he will probably (more than likely) will also need a PCI-Express 2.0/2.1 video card with that combo.
(at a minimum) True, he could still find $100 dollar +/- decent video card on that price range.

I wouldn't go for a motherboard with video on board.... ever.

That would put this combo around $400 dollars or more.
If he doesn't want to spend that kind of money right now, then a simple and cheap AGP card might be a better option for now.

Note: I would also recommend to go with the motherboard/cpu/ram/video card combo if you can.
You must also consider upgrading other components. You didn't listed here but I guess they are old and might cause a bottleneck (hard drive for example).
a b U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 1:18:00 PM

I think refill is on the right track. Building an i3 combo would give you a lot more bang for you buck. Chances are you would be able to reuse your case hd and PSU.

But if your not into rebuilding your PC from the ground up I would go for any DX 9 card, such as an ati 9800pro seen on ebay for buy it now price of $15. That card will run IE, movies, ms Office, and win7 aero with no trouble.
January 5, 2012 1:37:09 PM

Thanx guys for all your replies!

But I want just a low cost upgrade (Max: 55 Euros) to keep my PC going and not lose my fine P4 / ASUS Deluxe :) 

1. Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1Go (AGP) => E 75 (But too costly)
2. Sapphire Radeon HD3450 512Mo (AGP) => E45 <= Equivalent in Power??? => MSI GeForce NX6200AX-TD512 (AGP) => E 48
3. Sapphire Radeon X1650 Pro 512Mo (AGP) => E 54
4. Asus Radeon AH4650 DI 1GD2 (AGP) => E 53

[All cards new from this Vendor, see,cartes-grap... ]

So among the list above, with power and equivalent which is best ?
a c 185 U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 1:37:33 PM

@bucknutty The IGP on i3-2100 (HD 2000) is good enough also :) .

Asus Radeon AH4650 DI 1GD2 is the best if you won't do any motherboard combos, good luck :) . But still, it's not worth it.

Also take a look at AMD Llanos, their cheap A6's are awesome also.
January 5, 2012 1:47:15 PM

No, you don't get to buy another AGP card.

You will buy a new motherboard and CPU, because your integrated graphics will satisfy your needs.

I'm not offering you I'm telling you.
a b U Graphics card
January 5, 2012 8:04:29 PM

The 4650 would give you the best performance. At that speed 256 or 512 mbs of ram does not matter because the card is not able to saturate it. I had an agp asus 3450 in my low pro multimedia pc about 2 years ago. It is a great card, mine had native HDMI out with audio, and its power draw is low. At the time I paid $40 US. I dont think you can go wrong with that card. It will do everything but new games, and it is about twice as powerful as your current card. One note the drivers for the agp cards are not updated anymore so you will have to do a search for the "agp hotfix".
January 6, 2012 7:34:46 AM

Yeah, I see what you mean "bucknutty"...

What's the AGP hotfix?

A Windows XP update or ATI Catalyst Fix?
a b U Graphics card
January 6, 2012 11:57:47 AM

There was an ati driver for all HD cards. But it only worked with the PCI-e cards. So later they put out one new driver for all AGP ATI HD series cards. They simply called it the agp hot fix driver. It is the ati driver and catalyst control program rolled into one. I just looked and it looks like the updated it a few months ago so that good.

January 9, 2012 7:17:12 AM

I recently picked up an HIS 1GB DDR3 AGP HD 4650 to replace an X1950pro and I love it, although what I did was put on a custom heatsink and fan and ramsinks and overclock it past an HD 4670. Or you can just buy an HIS HD 4670 AGP and overclock it since it comes with a big cooler. The DDR3 RAM is huge for performance, even if only 128-bit interface. I run mine at 820Mhz core and 1000Mhz Memory (2000 effective). And I get over 5000 on 3dmark06 on an old AGP4x motherboard with DDR-266 RAM.

A friend of mine gave me an AGP HD 3850 (256bit DDR3) for $20, so I will be testing that too, because I just like playing with this stuff. I have two old systems, the Athlon XP 3200+ DDR400 AGP8x system is my test bed now though for less bottlenecks. I only really play Age of Empires 3, or less demanding games, but at 1920x1200 resolution, and I can just barely get the high settings on with that, with no AA. So its not that awesome but it does it for me.

If youre running Win Vista or 7 then you can also have DX10 with the HD4650/70 or HD3850. DX9 highest supported on WinXP and all other AGP cards.

If performance is what youre after, you need a DDR3 based board, either HD3850 (better out of the box and single slot if dont have an empty spot under, although higher power consumption) or HD4650/70 (better if overclock or using DX10). No other reason to upgrade the video in my mind.

And the HD4650/70 only uses a molex power connection, and is really low power compared to older high performance stuff. Even with my extreme overclock, never gets over 50C, its awesome. It dropped my idle power consumption by like 20 watts compared to the X1950pro and even more when playing 3D game.

For $100, that made me happy. The awesome cooler I got was only $8 shipped too and I have a bunch of scrap materials and what not. In near future I will compare X1950pro to HD3850 to HD4650, all use DDR3 RAM.

This ad has more pics of the HD4670, but it needs RAM sinks on the top of the card, probably werent allowed to stick up or something out of the factory. I just assume the RAM has heatsink under the cooler.

I really hope that someone makes a 7000 series AMD AGP card, since all the power consumptions are going down, might be able to get an AGP HD 7770, something with 1GB 256-bit GDDR5, from HIS and Saphire most likely. After that, the new architectures will probably make it a lot more difficult to make AGP, like 7900 series coming out and why Nvidia gave up before Fermi, and AGP 8x actually be saturated.

You might be able to get something used as well, for pretty cheap.

One thing to watch out for is the 1GB video cards. If its DDR2, absolutely dont get more than 512MB card, because it wont come close to using it. The DDR3 is a lot faster and can access more, especailly for high resolution. But realize that if using a 32-bit operating system like WinXP or Vista Basic, then that 1GB will take away from system RAM, and WinXP uses about 512MB addressing of hard drive system files, so then there would only be 2.5GB of addressing left for system RAM. Which is plenty for WinXP. With IE9 is the first time my WinXP ever needed so much RAM, used to only need 1GB and now I use 2GB system RAM.