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How can use my moniter in 720p

I do not know whether i am posting on correct section.. if not i am sorry.. I am going to build a new PC and i got so many suggestions from members and now i am good to go.. I am going to buy and GTX550ti and it has both HDMI and DVI ports.. I am currently using 19" inch monitor ( LG W1943C ) and it is HD ready..

Now i want to play games in 720p and problems are

1. My monitor has a VGA port and not DVI.. If i use a VGA to DVI converter can i play in 720p?

2. If answer is yes to first question is there anything else should do after connecting or just to connect? :)

3. If answer is no to first question what should i do? :(

(sorry if my English is bad) :)
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    Yes you can play in 720p, go to the game setting and set resolution to 1280x720. It should be done easily. Don't worry, you're good :).
  2. You'll be fine with a DVI-to-VGA connector and no your English isn't bad!
  3. Thanks.. Also i didn't know about that resolution changing thing.. Thanks you again..
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