Hard Drive Noise (Maxtor 20G 7200rpm)???!

I just upgraded my system with a new silencer 275W ATX Power supply (from a very loud and noisy 235W) and a new PIII 800Mhz (from a Celery 400@500 w/Glacier Arctic Cap). However, now that the noise factor has decreased I noticed that my Maxtor 20G 7200rpm drives (2 of em) emit a very high pitch noise. This is the first time that I've noticed this and frankly it's very annoying. Is this normal? If so what the heck can be done about it?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I guess it really depends on how loud it is? Check out there site for something called "Acoustic Management" and "Write Verification". The "Write Verification" is only for performance, but the "Acoustic Management" will help with noise if you think it is too loud. It just depends on what setting it is set to now and if your Series of drive is supported by the utility.

    Other then that I would see which one is making the noise and get it replaced. They have an awesome return policy!

    Hope that helps! *:O)

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  2. Yeah, I'm going to just return it because the primary really is whining in a inconsistent pure tone, while the secondary is not as loud with at least a consistent sound. However, of course I have data on the primary and was wondering what a good disk imaging software package would be worthwhile purchasing (so that when I get the new drive I can just pop in my disk image CD and have the CD format and partition the new drive and install the original disk image.

    Is there something like that out there (Ghost, Disk Image, etc,...)? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Yeah, I would go with Norton Ghost 2001. That should work really good!

    There # is 1-800-262-9867 (1-800-2MAXTOR)

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  4. I also greatly appreciate a quiet computer. If you can afford it the new IBM 60GXP series are very quiet with excellent performance (about the same as the 75GXP's but a little quieter and the noise is at a less annoying pitch). The new Fujitsu MPG3204AH series are exceptionally quiet for 7200rpm drives but I managed to get a non -E revision and the performance was way off from what they claim for the current -E revision. I'm trying to get them to replace these bastard step-child drives with the current version.
  5. I had to move mine to the bottom of the case, yes, they do whine loudly. But not as bad as my 10,000 RPM SCSI drive that I took out of commision because, quite frankly, it was affecting my hearing!

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  6. It's strange that IBM can can't make a less annoying idle noise on their 7200 gtx drivers, but can make them so silent working that you don't hear them.
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