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Hello there, I have a problem with the resolution in my toshiba satellite laptop. The resolution for the screen size does not appear on the option to choose from. I have only 3 options which none are correct. I have the standard VGA graphics adapter chip AMO AtoBios. Version 6.1.7600 16385. I also found the following: AMD A6 3400M APU-Radeon (TM) HD Graphics 1.40 GHz. I think I need a resolution of 1680x1050 for 17 inch screen laptop. If you can help, please email me. I also missing the direct 3D video card which my screen saver in asking for. I would really appreciate you help. Thank you!

Peter :wahoo:
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  1. Go to, click Automatically Detect and Install, and install the drivers that are suggested. It should fix your problem.
  2. Your post makes little to no sense.

    What is the model # of your laptop?
    Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the graphics driver?
  3. Hello and thank you for your reply. I am sorry about the lack of details. I am a little desperate to fix this issue. Here is the following information you requested:

    Model: Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit-Toshiba Laptop Satellite L775D-S7226.

    Processor: AMD A6-3400M APU Radeon (TM) HD Graphics 1.40 GHz

    Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Chip AMO ATOBIOS Version 6.1.7600.16385


    According to Microsoft, the resolution for a laptop 17 inch is 1680 x 1050.

    The display does not have this resolution option into it. It only gives you
    3 options which are, 1152 x 864 which is the one in current use to best fit.
    The others are, 1024 x 768 and, 800 x 600 . The "list all modes" does not
    have anything to best fit the resolution for 17 inch screen. The one I am
    using right now does not display well. It looks to wide on the screen like
    it is stretched. So do the icons. I tried to update driver but it says I have
    the latest and it's up to date. I have not tried to uninstall the driver and
    reinstall it. I am a little afraid that something may gone wrong. I am pretty
    good with computers, but as for the drivers, I am always complicated with
    downloading for fear of doing the wrong selection and screw things up.

    Also, the screen saver tells me I need to upgrade the video card with one
    compatible with direct 3D. Screen saver will not work when I choose to
    save the bubbles screen saver. It gives me the message I mentioned
    above. I saw a video on youtube which said the if the appropriate size
    resolution does not show up in the display, I need to find the driver and
    update it to the correct one. As you see, I have to my knowledge, two
    problems which I need to correct. That is if both are not related with each
    other. I really don't know. I truly need your help and best advice. I trust

    I hope that this will be sufficient information so I may receive the best of
    solution for both problems described here. Thank you so much for your
    valuable time and for taking the interest in responding to my post.

    Best Regards,
  4. Hey there, actually your default screen resolution is 1600x900 as listed here:

    Anyway, go to, download latest drivers and install them. That's the only way to fix it.
  5. Sunius said:
    Hey there, actually your default screen resolution is 1600x900 as listed here:

    Anyway, go to, download latest drivers and install them. That's the only way to fix it.

    Thank you! Since I can't find the information I have of my graphics card on this site, I am
    still not sure which to download. I'll have to go with the purchase of the software so it
    may install automatically. I hope this works well. Thanks.
  6. Just press detect automatically and install on the site I linked. You don't have to buy anything!
  7. Why is it any more difficult that going to the toshiba web site.... selecting your model and downloading the graphics driver?

    Here is a link for the download

    How can you be savvy enough to post here and not be able to do that?

    Anyway - hope it helps.
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