Intel Celeron Dual Core T300 1.8GHZ VS Pentium 4 or other equivalents

I Have Check for review my CPU (Celeron). It say my CPU below minimum Requirement and the minimum Requirement are Pentium 4 or other equivalents for some games. I quite doubt about it, so give your opinion about Plus and Minus of those CPU in gaming view :)
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  1. with games the cpu and the gpu have to be somewhat new as games stress out a pc more then just loading an os and running the web. with intel on the older 775 and older chipset you have there p line and the c line of cpu. the p line were the more costly chips as they were faster and did not have thing like some of there cache turned off. you see it today with the i3/i5 line the i3 are all 2 core cpu and the i5 are 4 core. with old pc there is a point that is cost more to upgrade it and you wont get the bag foe the buck as a newer cpu and mb will give you. this is one of the times where a 5-7 year old system has had a good can use it as a web pc or as a storage pc or see if a small local library or boys club need a pc that good for word and web.
    a lot of library use older software and need older pc to keep running there old software.
    i would look into the new i3 or the g line of cpu and a h/b chipset mb and 4 gig of ram and a 550ti/560ti or a 7770 gpu as a min gaming pc now. if you have extra cash i look into an unlocked i5 and a x68 or z77 mb.
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