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Good morning everyone.

Happy new year to all. My wife bought me a new video card for the holidays. She bought me a GT 545 (1.5 gig ddr3). I have an HP pavillion 400y AMD phenom II @ 3.0 mhz with a 300w psu. She asked around Best Buy (unfortunately) to get the best video card with that psu. They pointed her towards the GT 545. I wish she would have gone to newegg instead, but i can't be mad at her for trying. I did have an older 9400 gt, and have noticed marked improvement over that older card, but my question is, should i return that card (which i know she paid too much for) and try to get another card? Perhaps an HD 4670 or something from AMD, or will the GT 545 get me by. I know this is not a high end card, I need it to play starcraft 2 and other rts games on my pc, with the expectation of playing diablo 3 whenever it comes out. The resolution i play from is 1200x1024. I am not a hardcore pc gamer, if i had the time i probably would be, but all other types of games i play on my consoles. This is the best site that I have seen, so I am looking forward to your feedback, and thank you in advance.
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    It might be late to answer a question that was asked a month ago but i hope that you still need it. The Gt 545 is an overpriced card, but it is still a good VGA card that does not require a powerful PSU. I hope that you haven't return it to get a new card like HD 4670 from AMD because GT 545 is much better than HD 4670, if you can exchange this card for a HD 6670 then you really should go for the HD 6670. But if they only let you change Gt 545 to HD 5670, i suggest you keep the GT 545 because it'll be a downgrade from your current Gt 545.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I decided to just keep the 545 since the games that i am playing seem to run fine with it. I don't think that i will opt for the 6670 simply because this one is doing just fine for what I need. I am glad someone actually responded to my question. I agree that the card is overpriced, but not much that i can do about that now. Outside of the price, the card seems to be doing just fine for me.
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