Power cord/cable, need advice

Hello all,

I am newbie at computer hardware, but have been trying to learn to eventually build my own system one day.

My Question:

I have a new PSU: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Powercool-650W-Dual-Efficiency-Black/dp/B002QFO6SY what sort of power cord do i need for it?

Some things i noticed when checking the specifications: Input Range : 230Vac Voltage, 5A Current, 50Hz

Now i do have an old power cord which fits the socket, but it is 250V 10A and the Hz unknown, is this any good to use? I would prefer to get a new one but would use it temporarily

I have tried searching the internet for any answers but haven't found anything, please help!

Thanks for your time for reading.
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  1. Yes, its good. The voltage rating & Ampere rating is higher than what your PSU require so it definitely can handle the maximum that the PSU will draw. Do not worry about the Hz.
  2. thanks mate, this thread is solved
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