What UPS do I need for my system

First of all thank you for reading. I currently have this pc:

I5 2500k
16 gb ram
Hd 7850 oc
500 gb 7200 rpm harddrive
Seasonic 620 W psu
Asus vs248 monitor

And I have everythig connected to an APC 3020 J surge protector.

However lately I have been thinking about getting a UPS, after experiencing a reset during a storm.

My question is what UPS would be good for my system?, in reality all I need is 5-10 mins to save my work or game and safely turn off my pc.

I was planning to connect my apc 3020 j to my outlet and then connect my new ups to the surge protector and connect everything o the UPS.

I know most UPS have surge protection, but is it generally better or worst than an APC rated at 3020 J?

Also I have read that UPS just do a better job at protecting from surges than surge protectors, but they don't explain why exactly.

Anyway in your opinion what UPS should I get for my system?, and is it a good idea to connect the UPS to an additional surge protector.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Or you could buy an APC Back-UPS with built-in AVR.

    The RS-1000 has around 140Wh of battery capacity, that would give you about 15mins of battery time at 400W actual power draw for PC+monitor if power cuts out during gaming.
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    I would say a PSU with max 400W is enough. You can go higher, but I would suggest 300W as an absolute minimum (otherwise it won't protect you if power goes out during gaming). Be warned: the model number is usually with VAs. Watch for W.

    I would estimate you system draws between 80-250W (my i5 with 5850 tops 270W), with 30-40W additionally for the monitor.
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