Mouse Lag and Music distortion

Hi guys,
need some help please ok so yesterday after moving into my new house etc.. got rid of some dust using a smooth clean brush and all of a sudden every now and then if i move my mouse across the screen it will lag and at the same time if there is music playing it will distort its very puzzling :S

Intel i5 2500K @4.0GHz
8GB Corsair RAM DDR3
GTX 560Ti (1GB)
1TB Hard drive
500W PSU Xigmatek

Thanks for the support guys :)

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  1. Does everything else other than moving the mouse while playing music work fine?

    If everything bogs down, it could be that your CPU HSF got shaken loose during transport and your CPU is overheating. Install something like CPUID Hardware Monitor to check if this may be the case.
  2. everything else seems to be fine, im just downloading CPU-Z to check it out now :)
  3. would you like a screenshot of my CPU-Z? if so which tab should i show
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