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Is this a good build?

Hi guys,

I'm planning to build a new computer for gaming. My budget is around $1500. I just want to ask for your opinions and suggestions on my build.

Here's what I have selected:

CPU: Intel Core I7 2700k ($300)
MOBO: Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 ($200)
Graphics: MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III ($340)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x 8GB DDR3 ($140)
SDD: Corsair Force III 60GB ($90)
HDD: 1.5 TB Seagate Barracuda ($100)
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W ($100)
Case: CM Storm Scout Mid ($70)

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
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    7870 and 7850 are releasing soon and will perform better than the GTX 570 and 580 for less or similar price:,3148.html

    I would just spend a little extra on the SSD since 120GB are fairly low in price now.

    Switch out that PSU, ThermalTake PSUs are generally bad. Crap capacitors result in short life. Check out the OCZ ZS 750 for the same price but better.

    I'd save a bit on the board, go for the normal P8Z68-V w/ PCI 3.0 or maybe the Asrock Extreme4 Gen3 Z68. Both will offer the same performance but still save you money.

    Is that a 7200 RPM HDD? Or 5900/5400 RPM? I'd just go with the 7200 RPM 1TB's generally faster since the difference between 7200 RPM and 5900/5400 is pretty large.
  2. For gaming, the I7 is a waste as is 16 GB of ram. go for a I5-2500k @ a savings of $100, and a 2x4GB ram kit:
    for another $100.
  3. Lol didn't even notice he had 16GB, yeah save on the RAM, 8GB is plenty for even the heaviest of users. The i5 2500K vs i7 2600/700K is ultimately up to the user, if the user is heavy multithread like video editing or computing then go i7. But if your are ONLY gaming the i5 2500K is plenty.
  4. thanks guys! I'll make a new list and post it here so you could check. Thanks again!
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  6. ill get a 7870 gpu but which brand do you think?
  7. Well I'm not exactly sure at the moment. 7870 hasn't been released yet but check reviews for different models. All companies are generally good. Get non-reference model card as they're much cooler (generally) and better (generally)
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