Are these temps good? (i5 3570K)

Core 1: 37
Core 2: 42
Core 3: 43
Core 4: 39

100% load, 2 hour of Prime95:
Core 1: 65
Core 2: 69
Core 3: 71
Core 4: 63

Overclocked to 4,2GHZ now, I want to reach atleast 4,6, but first I want to know if my temps are fine.

Also, my room's temperature is 33 celsius (it's ******* hot, I know).
I have a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 EVO cooler.
Voltage offset -0.145
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  1. With your high room temp, it won't do much good to spend more on another heatsink, so my answer is yes.
  2. those temps are very good for a cheap £15 cooler and that ambient temp

    but i wouldnt expect you to get 4.6ghz on it without it getting far too hot
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