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Best NVIDIA Drivers for EVGA GTX 560 (non-Ti)


Getting a EVGA GTX 560 SC (non-Ti).

Can anyone recommend the best, most stable drivers. It's for playing SC2 and other strategy games. I'm currently using 275.33 with my 9800 GT.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. 285.58 is a good driver, try it.

    PS. If you don't experience better roll back drivers.
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    You are almost always better off going with the newest WHQL certified driver for your card. Just get it from the Nvidia website.

    Edit: For some reason refillable linked you to a Windows XP driver. 285.62 is actually the newest WHQL driver.
  3. nvidia is known for their driver, you can use any latest non beta drivers without any issue
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